Yes, that's me with a tiger mask I made - it was spirit week at school. & yes, I know it's a awful Photo Booth photo but, I'm a bit camera shy at the moment. !

Hi, I'm Ann. Or Annie. Or Ana Bonita (though, only to my spanish teacher!). Currently 16 years old. Born in Taiwan, though, I've lied in Australia / various places in the US. For better of for worse, because of my moving around so much, I know have a weird / interesting hybrid accent and the tendency to always spell things the "wrong" way. I speak six languages (though, not I'm not exactly fluent in all of them yet!). My hair's always loose and flowing, in a super -  high top knot or a Katniss - inspired top knot. I also tend to use punctuation when chatting (and am often made fun for it). Junior.

I love exploring the world, snail mail, all things fashion, DIY, design, photography, polaroids, "keep calm and carry on" posters, gadgets, and the 8tracks website. 

If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I would say that I am a optimistic and fickle, cupcake enthusiast with a penchant for macaroons and cookie dough who believes in magic. (:

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